Customer Service

The cornerstone of Customer Service is Communication: to listen intently to our spoken and unspoken needs, communicate our commitment to those needs, and then deliver on that commitment. At SPM India, we believe, it is not enough just to have a great product. To maintain highest standards of customer satisfaction, we must provide exemplary customer service. More than just technique, quality customer service derives from a service-oriented state of mind, a disposition to serve, and a core belief in its essentiality to our mission. To let our organization's customer service orientation put you ahead of your competition!

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Automation & Industry 4.0 support

SPMIL has gathered immense experience in the fields of advanced automation and intelligent solutions to improve the takt times, quality and optimize costs. Contact us to automative and convert your production to be Industry 4.0 compatible. Our team will guide you through a customized journey to achieve your automation and digitalization goals. 

Annual Maintenance Contract

Preventive maintenance is the simplest way of reducing expensive downtimes, extending the machine's service life and improving both productivity and profitability. A maintenance contract for regular maintenance by our specially trained personnel ensures maximum availability machines. Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive repairs.
We provide support for :
  • Spares
  • Critical Components
  • Calibration

Spare Parts

SPM India stocks the parts you need for all the products we manufacture. Our inventory includes factory new component parts, new assemblies, and factory serviced exchange units. The Spare Parts Sales department is staffed by experienced personnel to provide prompt response to all of your requests.
If you are a new customer to SPM India, please take the time to send us an e-mail to / /  so that we can send you the relevant information.
CUSTOMER SERVICE : HELP LINE : 07829999015 / 09343833202/ 8618798990 
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