Special Purpose Filling, Pressing & Gauging solutions for Ammunition/ Explosive Industry

 Washing machine

Expertise in designing, manufacturing and setting up customized Filling, Pressing & Gauging Solution for Ammunition / Explosive Industry. Some highlights of such solutions are:
  • Powder (HMX) Preparation Unit
  • Filling Stations
  • Pressing Stations 
  • De-tray Machines 
  • Conveyor System 
  • Portable End Boring Machine for Missile 
Experience in Handling various chemicals such as Lead Azile, PETN, RDX, Dentex, S243, Bt4 etc.,

Detonator, Filling, Pressing and Gauging Line with a Rate of Production of 250 Detonators/ Minute

Unmanned Pallet Manufacturing Line

 defence 5 line 1

Completely automated and an Industry 4.0 manufacturing line which is qualifying to ATEX & CIMFR Dhanbad Certification

Filling & Puddling line along with melters

Puddling machine 1 Puddling machine 2 reduced

Assembly and Testing machines

Solutions to assemble and test defence products, they are explosion proof (ATEX) and CIMFR approved solutions. Some of these solutions are:
  • Manual and automatic gauging machines 
  • Tightening station
  • Stabbing station 
  • Cleaning station 

Washing machine