Special Purpose Intelligent Assembly lines 

 Washing machine


Specialized in Providing Turn-key solutions for Engine, Transmission, Gear box, Transaxle, Brakes, Shock Absorbers, Body In White (BIW) etc.,
SPMIL has long term experience in developing customized assembly lines for various types of automotive components. The assembly line are configured to product needs.
Our Intelligent Assembly Lines use signature analysis and multi-step In-Process-Verifiers (IPVs) for production tracking and quality control of components being assembled. viz:  Engine, Gearbox, Transaxle, Differential, Rear axle, Brake assembly etc.

Cylinder Head Subassembly Line and station


Cylinderhead 1 reduced



Engine Assembly Lines


EngineAL1 1

EngineAL2 2

Engine assembly line HP

Engine Assembly Line with vertical pallet

Engine Assembly line – Inline torque checking machineIn process testing, measuring and assembly stations

Engine Assembly line with vertical pallet