CNC Run-out checking machine

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A high precision and accuracy run-out checking machine was designed and manufactured for a gas turbine manufacturing company. This machine can measure 1 Micron Radial and Axial run out in an Open shop environment. This ensures correct assembly of the component and improved the quality of the end product.

Automatic drive system for Radio Telescope


Designed and developed an automatic drive system for a radio 12 meter radio telescope for the Raman Research Insitiute. The automatic drive system consisted of motor and gear assemblies to position the radio telescope, to lock it into position and to gradually position itself with reference to the earth rotation.

Washing machine

Statellite Carrier system for ISRO

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Developed and manufactured a modular statellite carrier for the Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO). It was customized to accomodate a particular statellite to satisfy requirements of maintaining ambient environmental conditions and optimum shock absobtion.